Dear Readers: Welcome to my first blog. “Timely Death” about the unusual world of the mega-wealthy. The theme of this work is how current and future policies affect the very rich and the lengths some of them will go to protect their wealth. In “Timely Death” you are introduced to a world as foreign to most of you as living on another world. To quote from the book, “…the UHNWIs (ultra high net worth individuals) are like overhead power lines—they are always there but seldom noticed.”

There is no gentle way to break you into the reality that exists right under your nose, so realize that there are about 200,000 people out of six billion in the world that are worth 30 Trillion US Dollars; that’s TRILLION, not billion. That is enough to pay off our national debt and leave 12 Trillion in change.

I realize that is hard to believe so before my next blog I would like you to fact check me by going to UHNWI at Wikipedia. Also for fun, Google up Triple Duce (you’ll find it unbelievable).

This is only the tip of the iceberg so prepare to be overwhelmed as we explore the actual society of the UHNWIs and how they interact.

So, my dear readers, until next time…