"An excellent read. Not easy to put down" - An Amazon Reader

Hardcover & Softcover: 212 pages

eBook Size: 438KB

Publisher: Archway Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1480825093

ISBN-13: 978-1480825093

Stormy returned to the deck and found me forward of the main mast on the port side. SeaWitch was on a port tack, heeling just enough to make sitting and leaning against the cabin the best seat in the house. Elizabeth Isle, from which we had just departed, slipped by on our port side; twinkling lights dotted its black silhouette. The reflection of the moonlight on the small waves made the silhouette appear to be set in diamonds. We moved almost noiselessly through the water, in rhythm with the sea. Our present heading provided a cool sea breeze across our deck.

Stormy sat behind me. We neither talked nor moved until the island dropped below the horizon.

She lifted her face up to me and I asked her, “is this a good time for you to begin?”

“I don’t know where to start,” she said, “I will tell you of my experiences over the past several months and see if you can figure out where it all began and perhaps even what it means.”

She leaned back into my shoulder and looked out at the hills and valleys of the waves. But what she saw was her past.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Timely Death by Scooter Reaser. This relatively short book caught my attention from page one and did not let go until I finished the epilogue. For the last several months, several of the wealthiest people in America have been murdered. Despite so many murders, the police have turned up no clues as to who is behind the attacks. Weapons left at the scene are untraceable. Only one very wealthy lady, Stormy, has miraculously survived multiple attacks on her life. While there are inconsistencies between Stormy and the murder victims, she is convinced that her life is in imminent danger. Desperate for answers as well as protection, she seeks out a lawyer-turned-recluse for help. The former lawyer, Ross, agrees to provide protection for Stormy. He also sets out to discover who is so bent on killing her and why.

Although the storyline primarily centers on Stormy, the majority of the narrative is told in first person through Ross. Ross effectively removes Stormy from civilization as he and his team search for answers. I can’t reveal much of their journey, as it would be impossible to not provide spoilers. However, I can definitely say this is an action-packed thriller with several plot twists. Whoever seeks to kill Stormy is clever and has seemingly endless resources. While I predicted some of the outcomes, I was definitely surprised in the end.

I feel that this author has a very balanced approach to writing. Violence is successfully kept to a minimum without gory details. I also think that the author did a nice job in hinting at a romance rather than allowing a minor side story to overshadow the main plot. Finally, I feel that the author provides the right amount of struggle while resolving conflicts.

While it does not seem to be the intent of the author to draw overly detailed characters, I found the character development to be adequate for a quick read such as this. I felt I knew the main characters well enough for the story to be propelled along to its conclusion. As is appropriate to this genre, the author keeps up a rapid pace from start to finish.

Overall, the book appears to have been professionally edited and is without noticeable errors. I am glad to rate this a solid 4 out of 4 stars. Timely Death contains an intriguing plot intertwined with political and social issues that are relevant to the 21st century. An epilogue serves to tie up all loose ends satisfactorily.