Tales of The Vegas

or I Was There When They Invented Nachos

Hardcover & Softcover: 288 pages

eBook Size: 1.02 MB

Language: English


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In the 1950s, sixteen-year-old Scooter had a lot of responsibility. He had to run his family’s biggest and most valuable ranch in the West Texas floodplains (vegas in Spanish) along the Mexican border. Though he was still in high school, he received a more useful education by managing goat herders, cattle, farm hands, and harvesters. He drank his fair share of tequila between his adventures, which included almost getting trampled by Corriente cows and getting thrown off horses. He scared away coyotes and slept under the stars, had a close encounter of the wasp kind, was saved by a molasses spill, faced a two-hundred-pound puma, and tried to impress girls. Now eighty years old, Scooter shares these stories with his grandchildren to teach them about a time and place long forgotten.